Frugal Friday: Sunglasses (plus my crazy week)

I am so glad it’s Friday.  You guys, this week has been a doozy.  There for a minute, I thought I was losing my mind.  You’re not going to believe what happened on Wednesday afternoon.  I went into our laundry room to start the washer, but it wouldn’t turn on.  I tried like 5 times and it wouldn’t work, it was just dead.  So, I called my husband and told him that it wasn’t working and that he’d need to take a look when he gets home.  I then high-fived myself for getting a free pass from laundry.  A few minutes later I went into the kitchen to rinse some dishes and the sink wouldn’t turn on….hmmm, that’s weird.  I wasn’t sure what was going on so I figured I would log into our water account online to see if there was a memo that said the city was working on the water line.  Once I log in, I see that the issue wasn’t the water line, it was that our water had been cut off because I hadn’t paid our water bill in two months…TWO MONTHS.  Don’t ask me how or why because I’m still trying to figure that part out. I immediately paid it, of course, and then called them.  They were closed. I’m freaking out.  I then call the 24 hour service line and tell the man on the phone – Hi, you cut off my water and I need it turned back on ASAP.  I’m home with two children and we need water for obvious reasons, but, more importantly, if you don’t get here and get this water turned on before my husband gets home I am going to be a dead woman.  Dead!  He’s going to kill me!! HURRY!!!!  He laughed (not sure why because I was serious!), and said he’d be there in ten minutes.  I went outside and waited on him, praying that his car would come down our street before my husbands.  Thankfully, it did.  Man, that was close.  I still don’t even know how that happened.  Like, who doesn’t pay their water bill for two months?  Apparently, this girl. I’m totally failing at this adult thing this week.

Moving right along to Frugal Friday.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite sunglasses from Nordstrom.  They are the BP. brand and are just $12 + free shipping and they are SO great!  They have dozens of styles to choose from, several mimic designer styles.  I’ve shared a few pairs of these sunglasses from Nordstrom before on the blog and on Instagram, but I recently snagged a few more styles so I wanted to share. I do own some designer sunglasses, but I was able to get FOUR pairs of these for under $50….you just can’t beat that! And it’s really fun getting to try out some unique styles without breaking the bank.  I really do love these sunglasses…and the price!  Below are the direct links to each pair and/or you can shop additional styles here.  I’d say this pair and this pair are my favorites!

Mirrored Sunglasses




LOFT: 40% OFF select styles

MACY’S: 40% OFF with Code GREAT

ANTHROPOLOGIE: 30% OFF sale items

NORDSTROM RACK: 50% OFF select items

POTTERY BARN: 30% OFF select items + 20% OFF + FREE shipping on ALL BEDDING with Code: GOODNIGHT

Happy Friday, everyone!

xo, Jen

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  1. Cassie Rea wrote:

    YES! I have the first pair (Sadies chew toy when we are out ha), but that third pair, Alllll the heart eyes!
    And your story had me cracking up! Water bills and gas bills are always the two I struggle to remember. Adulting is hard.
    XOXO, Cassie Rea

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply

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