2017: New Year Resolutions

We have officially entered into a new year! I think 2016 was a good year.  There was change, growth, ups and downs, and a LOT of fun, but I’m ready to toss 2016 behind me and welcome 2017 with open arms.  I always get very excited to start a new year!  It’s a fresh start, a second chance a and clean slate.  Adventure awaits, my friends!  This year is ours to make of it whatever we want.  I’m hoping to stay true to my resolutions this year, though I have a history of losing my luster after a few short months.  So, with that, I thought I would share my 2017 New Year resolutions with you to help keep me accountable.  I have put my resolutions into four areas and I’ve chosen a word or goal, per se, for each area.


In regards to my blog, my goal is to be as authentic as possible.  I want to continue to provide my readers with fashion inspiration, beauty and décor tips, unbeatable bargains, and a look into my life as a mother and wife.  However, I want to make sure I stay true to who I am.  As you know, this blog is my passion, but it is also a business and when you’re running a business, you often conform to your customers or, in this case, your readers.  In regards to style and fashion, if I’m being honest, I like to think outside the box, live on the edge, and wear the unexpected.  The problem with this is that this is not the norm.  Most people want to fit in, want to be predictable, and to play it safe.  It gives them a sense of security.  So, with that, a lot of the outfits I share on this blog are what my readers want to see and not always what I would personally love to share.  Don’t get me wrong, every single thing I share on this blog I own and honestly love (I would never share anything that I don’t personally recommend).  But, in 2017, I hope to also share ensembles that exude originality and my personality.  I want to be more authentic.  Now, don’t worry, I’m not saying that I’m going to flood the pages of my blog with off-the-wall, un-relatable posts and outfits; I’m just saying that I plan to sprinkle in a few new “edgy” things here and there and I hope, by doing so, I’ll encourage you to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.


In regards to my friendships and family, my goal is to be more intentional.  I hope to be more intentional with my time; to not let people that I love take a backseat in my life or memories not get made because I’m too busy focusing my energy on things that don’t really matter.  Sadly, I noticed this year that unless Facebook tells me, I rarely know who’s birthday it is.  I couldn’t tell you the wedding anniversaries of more than a handful of people.  It’s sad and embarrassing.  My house is often a wreck and laundry gets piled up.  Also sad and embarrassing.  I often spend too much of my day on work or even on social media rather than investing my time with the people I love and nurturing relationships that matter to me.  I’m going to try extremely hard to fine-tune my time management, to schedule frequent time with those who matter, to make more memories with my children and to be intentional about my marriage and my time with the Lord.  And, clearly, I truly have to be intentional with my actions and my time or none with this will happen.  Intention is probably the most important resolution because without it, nothing happens and nothing changes.


“Health is state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  I want 2017 to be the year of healthy mind, body, soul and relationships.  Healthy decisions and a healthy attitude.  I want to make more time for fitness and exercise and to enjoying the outdoors.  I plan to spend more time with the ones I love.  I want to be grateful for the things I have rather than stressed about the things I don’t, thus having a healthier outlook on life and circumstances.  A key attribute to a healthy mind, body, and soul is spending time doing a passion or hobby you love, which, thankfully,  I get to do everyday with The Sister Studio.


Growth is always a resolution for me.  I truly strive to grow in my faith, to grow as a person, and to grow my business….every single year.  Specifically, this year, I want to grow my blog, my following, and my business.  I plan to improve my blogger media kit so I can work with more brands that I admire.  I want to grow my faith and my biblical knowledge so I can better serve the Lord.  I want to grow in maturity and become a better parent and role model for my children.  And, while we’re talking about growth, I plan to grow my hair and my cooking skills…just keeping it real. Ha!  Gimme alllll the growth.  In all seriousness,  I intend to plant the right seeds in my life so my plans, dreams, and relationships will flourish.

I have these words posted in my office, on my fridge, and in my day planner.  I don’t want to lose sight of my goals for 2017.  I am planning for 2017 to be the best year yet and I wish the same for each of you!

xo, Jen

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  1. Such great and realistic goals, Jen!! You can do it!! I always slack shortly into the year too but I’m determined to not do that this year! I’m so excited to see the outfits that are more you!!! Like seriously SO excited!! I’m all on board for that! Your followers will love it too!

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply
    • Thank you so much, Mary! We need to get together soon!!

      Posted 1.3.17 Reply
  2. I love this! Happy New Year

    Posted 1.3.17 Reply
  3. You are SO good at finding unique pieces and putting together things I never would have thought of, but that TOTALLY work! Excited to see more of your “aunthentic” style along with all the quality staples and more wearable looks this year! Happy new year friend!

    Posted 1.3.17 Reply

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