Our New Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living

I’m finally sharing our new outdoor living space!  This space makes me ALL kinds of happy.  I knew we’d enjoy it and get a lot of use out of it, but, beyond that, it literally feels like we’ve added a new room to our home.  We have been spending so much time out here!  I will say, in regards to decor and such, there are a few things I want to change, add, and move around, but, for the most part, this is it.

This project took a little longer than expected because, at the last minute, we decided to add the little outdoor kitchen area.  After our contractors stoned our wood columns, they told us they overestimated the amount of stone they needed and asked if we wanted to use the excess to add an outdoor kitchen.  That was probably smart marketing on their part, but we decided to pull the trigger and do a kitchen too.  I’m pretty sure that’s now Kyle’s favorite part our outdoor living space!

Right around the time I started looking for outdoor furniture, Target had a 30% OFF sale and then an extra 5% OFF for being a Target REDCard holder.  I started browsing all of their options and reading a ton of reviews.  At first, I wanted a white couch, but I was so nervous we wouldn’t be able to keep it clean with the kids.  I ended up deciding on this set instead.  It’s a great neutral and has been easy to clean!  I wanted things to look pretty, but, more importantly, I wanted things to be functional and durable.  We have two toddlers and most of our friends who come over also have toddlers so, for us, glamorous furniture and lavish decor just isn’t practical.

The striped rug is what I was most excited about, but was also worried that we wouldn’t be able to keep it clean.  It’s only been a few weeks, but so far it’s been holding up pretty great.  Every few days or so we just take the water-hose and spray it down and wash any mud or dirt off of it.  It cleans up easily!  And, confession, I’ve also taken our vacuum out there a few times to vacuum it.  Ha!  For reference, ours is a 9 x 12.  Very similar option HERE.

Eventually, I plan to purchase cute outdoor tablescape items, but for now we’ve mostly been using our trusty paper plates and solo cups out there. #momlife

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

I recently ordered this same rug again (but as a runner) so when it arrives, I’ll replace this size you see in this picture.  This three piece patio set can be found HERE.  Another option that’s super cute HERE.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

The towel hooks have been a LIFE SAVER!  We grabbed these at Lowe’s; they each hold two towels.  We have water slides for the kids in our backyard so often time they’re needing to dry off several times a day.  Having the towels easily accessible has been great!  The basket is from HomeGoods, but Target has similar ones HERE.  Our striped towels come in a pack of four and can be found HERE.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

I have been SO pleased with the table we chose!  I love that it comes with chairs and a bench and it’s been so easy to keep clean.  There are several cushion colors to choose from, but we just selected the neutral option that matches our couch cushions.  You can take a look at the table online HERE.

Outdoor Living Space

ITEMS ON OUR PATIO // TIP: Scroll the items below and click any item you’d like to see! 


P.S.  Target is currently having another 30% OFF sale on their patio furniture.  Shop their patio selection HERE!



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  1. Jill wrote:

    Looks so nice!!!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  2. Nicole wrote:

    Gahhhh, I tried to order this patio couch this morning and it is SOLD out 🙁 Also, why does yours look black but in the online photos it looks super brown?

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
    • Oh no! I bet they restock. Mine is definitely dark brown, but kind of looks black depending on the light.

      Posted 6.1.18 Reply
  3. Kimmberly wrote:

    So inviting and functional! Enjoy your new space!!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  4. Mindi wrote:

    Looks beautiful! I love it all and would live out there!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  5. Cassie wrote:

    I have that 3-piece set and am LOVING it! You can never go wrong with Target!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  6. Lisa wrote:

    So pretty I am in the process of planning something. Do you have pictures of the top? Did you do a pergola?
    It looks great!!!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
    • I can definitely take some pics of the top to share!!

      Posted 6.1.18 Reply
  7. Ashlee wrote:

    Looks amazing!!! I’ll be there in 10 !!!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  8. Carol wrote:

    Your patio looks so nice! I really love the outdoor kitchen area with the Green Egg! Do you mind linking the outdoor tv you went with?

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
    • We went with a regular TV and just ordered a cover to use when needed. We got the TV from Amazon. Let me get the link!

      Posted 6.1.18 Reply
  9. Samantha wrote:

    LOVE everything about this 🙂

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  10. Julie wrote:

    OMG Please come help me decorate mine! 🙂 LOVE everything!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  11. Neisey wrote:

    Beautiful!!? I love it!?

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  12. Lea Znidarsich wrote:

    ahh you did such a good job! This looks like such a fun place to spend the summer!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  13. Kellie wrote:

    Love it! Is your TV mounted across from your sectional? We have so many windows on our wall in the backyard that we had no place to hang a TV!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
    • Yes, it’s mounted on the brick across from the sectional. That’s the only place that we don’t have windows. We ordered the TV from Amazon. It’s not an outdoor TV, but we ordered a cover to use if needed.

      Posted 6.1.18 Reply
  14. Ammie wrote:

    Love it!!! You did SO good!

    Posted 5.31.18 Reply
  15. Lesley wrote:

    I love it, looks amazing! Especially love the black and white

    Posted 6.1.18 Reply
  16. Erin north wrote:

    Looks amazing I’ve been looking to do my yard. You have inspired me

    Posted 6.1.18 Reply
  17. Jordan wrote:

    Thank you I’ve been wanting to change my deck! I just love your style! ???????????

    Posted 6.1.18 Reply
  18. Natalie Clark wrote:

    I have been thinking about getting one of those water slides, but how do you keep it clean and do you just deflate it when you need to mow? We have big trees in our backyard, so I just feel like it will get so dirty.

    Posted 6.1.18 Reply
    • Yes, we deflate it a move it when we need to mow and deflate it when the kids aren’t playing on it.

      Posted 6.1.18 Reply
  19. Kristina wrote:

    I am obsessed!! This looks amazing!! Can’t say I’m surprised!!
    Love those pillows so much!!

    Posted 6.3.18 Reply
  20. Shelly wrote:

    Turned out so great Jen! Those towels are such a fun steal!

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply

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