My HUGE NSale Roundup!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is HERE, my friends!  I shopped the sale in store yesterday and was up most of the night prepping this post, took a quick nap, and was up at 1AM.  Then, for the second year in a row, the Nordstrom site crashed! Needless to say, I’m delirious so you’ll have to forgive me if there a few grammatical errors in this post.  Mama is tired!  Ha!  BUT it is so worth it because I feel like I found some really great items and SO many are under $50!

Today’s post will mainly be a roundup of women’s items: tops, sweaters, shoes, and a lot of basics.  I’ll be sharing kids’, men’s, home, and beauty items very soon!  Oh, and more women items too, along with work-wear.  I’ll also be styling a few of the items several more ways for y’all soon!

  You have to be a card member to shop the sale now.  If you’re not a card member and want to be, just go HERE.  Make sure to log into your account FIRST and then it will automatically register your card once you get a approved so you can shop instantly!

Okay, let’s start with items I tried on yesterday along with sizing details, pricing, and my personal thoughts on each item.  I’ll let you know what I’ll be returning and what I’ll be keeping and why!

P.S. I know some of you aren’t shopping the sale until open access so I’m also sharing some other great sale items from other retailers at the bottom of this post! 



Plaid top, jeans, and boots.

plaid top, jeans, boots

Regular Price: $50 //  Sale Price: $31

I love the colors and the fit of this!  They’re a little oversized and I LOVE it!  Also, they’re not too thick so they’re great to wear now.  You can also tie these around your waist with leggings or pair with a military or puffer vest.  I would definitely get at least one of these!  There are so many more to choose from.  I’m wearing an xs, but you could even size up one for more length.  Snag one HERE.

Other items shown:  Mom Jeans (fit TTS)  //  Skinny Jeans (fit TTS)  //  All shoes are linked below.


sweater and boots

Regular Price: $50  //  Sale Price: $31

This sweater FLEW off the shelves at my Nordstrom.  This was the only one left and it is a size medium.  It’s really oversized on me, but I snagged it anyway.  Then, when I checked out, I had the sales associate order me the white one in a size small.   So, depending on how you want it to fit, you could size up one.  I am definitely keeping the green one and plan on keeping the white one when it arrives too.  I really like these!  Snag one of these HERE.  Plus sizes available HERE.

Other items shown:  White Jeans (size up one)  //  Dark Jeans (TTS)  //  Shoes linked below


jeans, top, booties

Thermal, jeans, leggings

Regular Price: $38  //   Sale Price:  $24

One thing I did this year was buy things in multiple colors if I really liked it and it was super affordable!  The only thing I wish, however, is that I would have grabbed the pink/mauve rather than the tan only because I have SO many tan tops.  So, I may switch those colors out.  Nonetheless, these lightweight thermals are GREAT!  I got a size small and I love how it fits a little oversized.  SUPER comfy!  Snag on HERE.

Other items shown:  Leggings  //  Mom Jeans //  Skinny Jeans  //  All shoes are shown below.


Fleece and leggings

Athleisure wear

Regular Price: $78  //   Sale Price:  $51

These are finally back so I snagged one ASAP!  These sold out at Nordstrom in the winter and I was so sad that they didn’t bring them back…but here they are!  Several colors to choose from and SO COZY!  I love that it has a collar and pockets.  I’m wearing the charcoal grey in size small.  Snag one HERE.

Other items shownSkinny Jeans  //   Sneakers


Jeans, mock neck, fall style

Regular Price: $55  //  Sale Price: $36

I’m not sure if I’ll keep this top.  I think it’s flattering and comfy, but it’s not anything to rave about (thought it would be a great options if you’re an Aggie!).   I do think, though, it could be  a great option for the workplace.  You will definitely want to size up for more length in this.  I’m wearing a medium.  It also comes in another color; it’s online HERE.

Other items shownBlack Jeans 


Tee and Jeans

Regular Price:  $34  //  Sale Price: $21

I love a soft, good quality graphic tee!  This will also be cute with cardigans in the fall.  I got a size small and it’s long enough to knot.  It’s super comfy!  Snag one HERE.

Other items shown: Mom Jeans


sweater, tall boots, jeans

Jeans, sweater, booties

Regular Price: $45  //  Sale Price: $29

Each year they come out with different versions of this sweater and each year I buy them.  They are GREAT sweaters!  I even wear them with leggings and sneakers.  They’re lightweight, oversized, and very comfy!  The green is already almost sold out, but there are several other colors to choose from.  I’m wearing a size small, snag one HERE.

Other items shownWhite Jeans  // Black Jeans // Boots linked below


Jeans, top, booties

Regular Price: $40  //  Sale Price: $25

Another casual basic!  This one is similar to the v-neck one above, but it’s a little bit longer and this one is nursing friendly.  This also comes in grey; if you like this top, I’d definitely snag both colors.  These are GREAT!  I am wearing a small for extra length.  If you want it more fitted then size down.  Snag one HERE.  Plus sizes in this top available HERE.

Other items shown: Jeans


Black top and jeans

slouchy top

Regular Price: $50  //  Sale Price:  $31

When I was shopping in store, I only saw the black version of this top so it was a nice surprise to see all of these other colors available online!   I love that these can be dressed down or easily dressed up for the workplace.   They have a slouchy/relaxed fit and are very flattering.  I got a size small.  Snag one HERE.

Other items shownDark Jeans //     White Jeans


Tie Top, Jeans, Mules

Regular Price: $60   //   Sale Price: $39

Warning:  This tie top does NOT look cute on the Nordstrom website, but I promise it is darling in person!  I picked up two colors, but I’m only going to keep one…I’m leaning towards the red!  I think these would be great for the workplace styled with skirts or slacks, or even dressed down with shorts and wedges!  It looks see-through online, but I’m just wearing  a nude bra and it’s fine.  You could also add a cami for more coverage.   I’m wearing a size 2, this top is available HERE.

Other items shown:  Dark Jeans //  Black Jeans


Blouse, black top, jeans

Regular Price: $70  //  Sale Price:  $45

I realllly wanted to love this top because it’s so cute and I love that it’s longer in the back, but the fit just isn’t flattering on me.  Maybe if it weren’t $46, but, for me, I need to love a top if it’s that price.  The sleeves are crazy long, the fit is weird, and I definitely think I’d need to wear a cami underneath, which isn’t usually a problem, but since it’s low cut, the top of the cami will show.  For me, this is a pass.  I’m returning this.  I’m wearing an xs and it’s available HERE.

Other items shownBlack Pants  //  Dark Jeans


sweater, jeans, booties


sweater, jeans, shorts

Regular Price: $40  //   Sale Price: $25

This is another lightweight sweater that I LOVE so much and for just $25!!  It also comes in a TON of great colors.  This is definitely another simple basic that I’m so happy about.  I am wearing a size small.  Note:  If you’re taller than 5’6″, this may be a little shorter on you so keep that in mind.  This top is available HERE.   Plus sizes available HERE.

Other items shown: White Jeans //  Shorts


Slit Sweater Top, leggings

Regular Price: $68  //   Sale Price: $44

I don’t know if this would work for really tall girls (I’m almost 5’4″), but I am loving this!! The split sides are SO CUTE!  It’s comfy and longer in the back.  It also comes in tan; this makes great athleisure wear!  For reference,  I’m wearing a size small.  If you’re between sizes, I would go up.  This top is available HERE.

Other items shown: Sneakers



Regular Price: $56  //  Sale Price: $36

This ultra-plush sweater sweater is SO cozy!  I also really like that slit on the side! If you don’t like this rust color, it also comes in blue.  I’m wearing a size small; snag one HERE.

Other items shown: Jeans  //  Shorts



Regular Price: $52  //  Sale Price: $33

It’s definitely too hot to wear this sweater now, but I love the length of this!  I specifically got this to wear with leggings (shown later in this post).  It’s really soft!  I am wearing a size 4.  I would size up one!  This sweater is available HERE.



Moto Jacket and jeans

Regular Price: $98  //   Sale Price:  $64

I have received a LOT of feedback about this jacket already; so many of you snagged one!  I love that it has a detachable hood and gold hardware.  It’s trendy and chic and SUCH  a great price!  This can easily be dressed up or down and can last you year after year.  I am wearing a size small, but I’m exchanging this one for an xs.  Snag one HERE.

Other items shown:  Tee  //  Mom Jeans  //  Booties



Regular Price: $125  //   Sale Price: $85

They were all sold out of this in my size in store, but I ordered it online.  I’m hoping it works!  I tried on a bigger size and the quality was nice and I loved the length of it.  I ordered a the size 2.   You can see this coat HERE.


Boyfriend Cardigan

Regular Price: $70  //  Sale Price:  $45

If you like oversized cardigans, I think this is a great boyfriend option!  I love the big buttons and the pockets!  It does run big so I would probably size down one.  I’m wearing the small, but I definitely think I could have done an xs.  This cardigan is available HERE.  Plus size option available HERE.

Other items shownJeans  //  Green Tee


Long Cardigan

Dress, cardigan, boots

Regular Price: $75  //  Sale Price: $49

This cardigan is a great option for the workplace.  It looks very nice in person!  It’s comfortable and has great length.  I will be returning this one, but only because I have last years version of this and it’s literally almost the exact same!  I will say, anytime I wore this last year, I received so many compliments on the color of this.  It’s such a great option for fall/winter!  I’m wearing an xs.  This is available HERE.

Other items shown:  Dress (xs)  //   Dark Jeans


barefoot dreams cardigan


Regular Price: $116  //   Sale Price: $76

SO many of asked if this would be part of the NSale and SO many snagged one of these this morning.  These have AMAZING reviews and really do feel magical!  If you only get one cardigan, I would definitely suggest this one!  I will say, I may exchange my tan one for one of the other colors.  I really like the tan, but I have so many tan cardigans already…and I am loving the grey shades too!  Decisions, decisions.  I’m wearing an xs/s.  Snag one HERE.



Regular Price:  $134  //   Sale Price: $88

This one is also VERY COZY, but I personally don’t need two premium cardigans so I’m going to keep the circle cardigan and return this one.  This one fits more oversized so if you prefer that style I would suggest this one.  It also comes in a few other colors.  I’m wearing a small, it’s available HERE.  P.S.  I found a pretty decent dupe for this cardigan.  See next image.

Other items shown: Mom Jeans //  Tee


tan cardigan and jeans

Regular Price:  $55  //   Sale Price:  $35

This cardigan may not be as plush as the Barefoot Dreams one, but it is very comfy and also has pockets!  Plus, this one is just $35!  I think this is a pretty good dupe!  If you’re looking for something similar with a budget-friendly price tag, you can snag this one HERE.  I’m wearing a size small.

Other items shown:  Tank  //  Jeans  //



Regular Price: $120  //  Sale Price: $83

I honestly didn’t really like this on the hanger, but as soon as I put it on I was SMITTEN!  It’s soooo darn cute!! I love the split hem, the hoodie, and the pockets!  Such a cute + super functional jacket!  I am wearing an xs.  Gran one HERE!

Other items shown:  Tee // Sneakers



Regular Price: $79  //  Sale Price: $49

I was excited to see this military jacket and such a low price!  In previous years, the lowest price option is usually around $80.  They didn’t have the green one in my size in store so I ordered this online.  I’m not 100% sure I’ll keep it because I have one from last year that’s still in great condition.  I ordered the xs regular.  I’ll report back once it arrives.  Snag one HERE.



Regular Price: $49  //   Sale Price: $31

If you’re looking for an affordable cardigan with good length and pockets, this is a GREAT option!  I snag BP. Cardigans every single here; they always have a ton of colors to chose from and they hold up great.  This one comes in several colors.  If you’re between sizes, I would go down.  I’m wearing an xs.  Note: Sizes are starting to dwindle in a few colors.  You can grab on HERE.

Other items shown:   Light Jeans  //  White Tee 


BlankNYC Moto Jacket

Regular Price: $188  //   Sale Price: $125

What do y’all think about this jacket?  The quality is AMAZING!  These sell out every single year during the NSale and I can see why; it really is sooooo pretty and I love the green!  I’m wearing  a small, but I kind of think I want to exchange this for an xs so it will be a little more tailored.  It also comes in other colors if you prefer something different.  I will say though, if I had to pick between this one of the black moto jacket above, I would pick the black one.  That one can easily be dressed down and worn with leggings and sneakers (hashtag momlife).  So I guess it just depends on your preference, but, I will say, this green suede moto jacket is SO NICE!  It can be found HERE.


I’m going to show several shoe options because getting shoes for 40% OFF is my FAVE part of the NSale!  They brought back a lot of similar styles that they had last year so, rather than getting the similar styles that I already have, I got some new styles.  Specifically, I opted for a few of the new pointed toe trends since most of the booties that I already have are rounded toe.  I just wanted to explain as so why I didn’t personally purchase some of the really popular styles that you’ve seen…because I already have last years version.  Nonetheless, I’ll be showing all the greatest styles below!

P.S. I didn’t shop the NSale heels and pumps yet, but I’m heading back to Nordstrom to return some things so I’ll take a look then!




Lucky Brand Wedge

Regular Price: $129  //  Sale Price: $86

I wanted these sooooo badly!  I’m so sad this brand doesn’t make shoes in my size.  My girlfriend grabbed the grey and she said they fit TTS.  SO many of you have purchased these.  I love ALL the colors.  snag a pair HERE!


Steve Madden Mules

Regular Price: $79  //  Sale Price: $49

I went back and forth between the snake skin and the black and finally decided on the black…but now I feel like I want the snake skin ones too!  Ha!  These are super comfy; I would go up half a size!  Also, the studs are gold (lots of questions about that).  Snag a pair HERE.


Dalphine Bootie

Dalphine Bootie

These give me all the heart eyes!  These also come in other color.  If you’re between sizes go up in this pair.  They are SO CUTE in person! Take a look at these HERE.


Tall Boots

Sam Edelman Caprice

Regular Price: $225  //  Sale Price: $149

I really like the color of these!  They are really comfy and very flattering, but, take note, they do not have a zipper and these don’t come in a wide calf option so I don’t know if these will be a great option for everyone.  So far I’m really liking these.  You can find these HERE.



Regular Price: $90  //   Sale Price: $67

I was SO EXCITED about these!  They didn’t have my size in store so I ordered them ASAP!  I tried on one size bigger and they were soooo comfy!  These fit TTS and can be purchased HERE.


Loka Studded Bootie

Regular Price: $150  //   Sale Price: $99

I polled you guys in my Insta-Storied about this pair and the black pair below and y’all LOVED this pair!  Which may suprise you that I actually decided to go with the black pair below.  However, I will say, these are BEAUTIFUL in person!  They also come in other colors.  If you’re between sizes, go down in this pair.  Snag these HERE.

 Yentia Chelsea Boot

Yentia Chelsea Bootie

Regular Price: $209  //  Sale Price: $129

I know there will be lots of you aren’t a fan of these, but for some reason I just love them!  These shoes are way cooler than I am, but I love them nonetheless!  I promise to show different ways to style them soon.  These also come in a very pretty brown suede!  If between sizes, go up in these.  You can take a look at these HERE.


NSale Booties

One HERE  ($99)  //   Two HERE ($99)  //  Three HERE (Almost sold out!! / $99)

These are a few other popular styles that I’ve been seeing.  All of them are SO cute in person!  I have last years version of options one and three and I LOVE them both (option three are selling out fast!).


Kochelda Boots

Kochelda Boots

Regular Price: $250  //   Sale Price: $159

THESE ARE SO GOOD!!  I will be styling these allllll the ways for y’all soon!  They’re flat boots that are SUPER comfy, flattering, and so pretty in person!  AND they also come in a wide calf option!  I snagged the Vince Camuto flat over-the-knee boots last year and I wore them ALL the time.  I’m very happy about these!  These fit TTS; take a look HERE.


Brice Bootie

Regular Price: $119  //  Sale Price: $79

I’m smitten over these!  I have a similar version from last year in the cognac brown and I wear them ALL the time.  I’m sooo tempted to get the blacks ones this year.  Comfy and super cute!  You can snag these HERE.


Vince Camuto Movinta

Vinca Camuto Movinta Bootie

Regular Price: $149  //  Sale Price: $99

Again with the pointy booties!  I’m telling you, I pretty much took a different direction with my shoe purchases this year just because I have the worst habit of my similar items over and over!  I think these booties are SO CUTE and fun and different; I am really loving them!  These also come in other colors (mine are the tree house suede) and are available HERE.

P.S.  Another really popular style that I’m seeing everyone share is THESE.  I did see these in store and they were super cute!



Airbrush Midi Leggings

Regular Price: $78  //  Sale Price: $51

Easily my FAVE purchase of the sale!! I LOOOOVE THESE midi leggings!!!  These are the ones I’m wearing throughout this post. If you have Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, these feel JUST like them…but way less expensive.  And they hold you in just the same!  Seriously, I am obsessed with these!  I am wearing an xs and they’re perfect; definitely stick with you normal size.  They have a high waist and fit great! Grab a pair HERE.

Other items shown: sneakers


Zella Leggings

Regular Price: $64  //  Sale Price: $42

I buy a new pair of Zella Leggings every year during the NSale.  The black Zella Live-In Leggings (found HERE for $35) are a follower FAVE!  I do love my Zella’s, but, if I had to pick just one, I would pick the black Alo midi ones I post above over these.  However, Zella leggings have AMAZING reviews!  I size down on in these (wearing xxs); snag a pair of these HERE.


AG Jeans

Regular Price: $225  // Sale Price: $149

I have seen just about EVERY blogger post these AG Jeans today; they are insanely popular!  And the sales associate at Nordstrom told me the same thing.  So, here’s the deal – yes, they are comfy and flattering, but I literally never spend over $100 on jeans so I’m having a hard time justifying these.   I do like them, but I also love my A&F and American Eagle jeans that more affordable.  I haven’t quite decided, but there is a big chance I will return these.  However, if you are someone who loves AG and/or premium denim, I DEFINITELY suggest grabbing a pair of these.  They fit TTS (wearing 24).  Take a look at

these HERE.


Wit and Wisdom Jeans

Regular Price: $68   //   Sale Price: $44

I currently have these in my cart.  My girlfriend ordered them from the NSale and she said she loved them.  She is a little shorter and these come in regular and petite length.  She grabbed the petite ones and said they look great with her ankle booties (For reference, she is 5’3″.5).  If you’re 5’5″ or taller, I would get these regular length.  I love the dark wash and the quality looks really nice!  Plus, these would be great to wear with over-the-knee boots!  Grab a pair of these HERE.



Regular Price: $88

These are from Nordstrom, but they are not part of the NSale.  These are another pair that I wore throughout this post.  These are a mom jean and a little different, but I really like them!  They’re a tad long on me so I cuff them.  These don’t have a ton of stretch, but they hold everything in and are comfy.  These have a high waist and fit TTS.  They are MUCH cuter in person than they are on the Nordstrom site.  You can take a look at these HERE.


BLANKNYC grey jeans

Regular Price: $88  //  Sale price: $58

Another pair of BLANKNYC jeans because, well, this brand is one of my faves!  These are grey and have a raw hem.  They’re tad long on me so I have to cuff them.  They’re very comfy and have a  good amount of stretch.  I’m definitely keeping these! These fit TTS and are available HERE.


Ripley Scarf

Regular Price:  $33  //  Sale Price: $21

This is a plaid blanket scarf that I picked up.  I really love the colors!  You can snag this one HERE.   I also ordered THIS $15 ONE.

I really hope y’all found this post helpful!  Thank you SO MUCH for shopping through my site and using my links.  You have no idea how much that means to me!  I’m going to try not to bombard you with too much NSale content, but I will share items with you from other departments, and how to style a few of my faves items several more ways, and some good work-wear options too!  I’ll also share stuff more men, kids, beauty, and home!  Let me know what else you’d like to see!

P.S.  Y’all are still unable to leave comments on my blog posts (that issue still ins’t fixed) so feel free to email me if you have any questions!  xo, Jen



JCPenney has TONS of great fall items right now and so many of them are on SALE!  Including several of the items shown above!  Here are some of my faves:

MODCLOTH  ITEMS WORTH BROWSING: (So many pairs of super cute booties!)



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