The BEST Razor I’ve ever used!

Let’s talk Razors!  Well, before we get started, I should say: if you read one post on my blog this month, I hope it’s this one.  Ladies, I am SO EXCITED about these razors… so much so that I’m tossing outfits and clothing sales to the side today to talk about it.  Literally, it’s one of the best products I’ve used in a long time!

I don’t know about you, but if I want a really good shave, I typically have to use men’s razors.  Which, let’s be honest, razors were originally created for men so it makes sense that their razors are traditionally better.  But, even when I use men’s razors, I swear my legs have a 5 0’clock shadow.  I can shave tonight and I have visible growth 24 hours later!

Even though I’ve never been insanely happy with my razor choices, I wasn’t annoyed enough to go searching high and low for a better option.  I just assumed that it is what it is.  Plus, it’s not like shaving is my favorite thing to do anyway.  However, a lot changed when a friend told me about Billie.

Billie is a shaving company + service for WOMEN. Let me explain…

It’s an ongoing razor service that includes a Billie handle (several cute colors to choose from), a matching magnetic holder (this little thing is dandy!), and two 5-blade razor cartridges!  Ongoing, they mail you 4 replacement cartridges, for just $9, whenever you need them!  And shipping is FREE!

When you get on their site, you complete this quick questionnaire regarding how often you shave.  This way, they can have the replacement cartridges to you right when you need them.  And you can change frequency at any time.  $9 for 4 blades!  I’m telling you, it’s AMAZING!

THIS: The razors are built for a better shave: 5 sharp blades, encased in 360° of charcoal shave soap, with rounded edges to help you navigate curves. Their products are free of toxins and bad additives — they only use premium, healthy ingredients! Ladies, it’s the BEST SHAVE I’ve ever had!  I still can’t believe it’s just $9! I’ve paid more than double that for the men’s razors that weren’t near as good as the Billie.



Unless someone is able to create a hands-free razor that will shave my legs on their own, I will never use another razor again.  I’ve been using Billie for three months now and I never plan on using anything else! It’s the softest and smoothest shave; I love it!!

They also have body lotion and shaving cream; I’ve been really pleased with both of those products, as well.  Especially the shaving cream!

Fun Fact: I’m not the only woman benefiting from a better shave. As a company, they donate 1% of all revenue to women’s causes around the world. They are currently donating to Every Mother Counts, an organization that is committed to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for women everywhere.  I love supported companies like this!

You can read all about Billie HERE.  I’m telling you, it’s such a great product!



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  1. Joelle Brodeur wrote:

    I was using Venus razors for years and they always caused irritation and burning. It got so bad that I would only shave my armpits because the discomfort was unbearable. I was happy to find Billie razors. I was skeptical and thought $9 to try wasn’t going to bankrupt me, so I gave it a go. Let me say that shaving sucks. It’s the least enjoyable part of maintenance outside of getting my period. As soon as I started using the razor it was a noticeable straight away. It glides over the skin. It didn’t cause itching or bumps in the bikini area and didn’t leave any stubble in my armpits. I just used the razor with no extra help from cream or lotion. I felt so clean and pampered after finishing my shower. I was stupidly excited and embarrassed to gush glowingly over a fricking razor. I always thought irritation was just part of shaving that we all had to suck it up. Billie changes everything. I am grateful someone had the brains to create and research a product that not only shaves beautifully, but be conscious enough to see how different blade alloys exacerbated skin allergies.

    I’m a customer for life. I am happy to be free of expensive, crap razors.

    Posted 1.5.20 Reply

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