Quick Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home.

Just like putting away laundry, putting away my Christmas decor isn’t always a task that I look forward to.  However; once it’s all cleared away, I get real excited! (Hashtag it’s the little things.)

With that, anytime the seasons change, I get the itch to spruce up our home decor.  When doing so, there are a few things/tips that I always keep in mind.  Today, I’m sharing my quick tips for sprucing up your home.

 Cushion Cover // Similar Console Table //  Devotions Book // Lamp // Similar Flowers // Vase // Plant // Pot //  Gold Bowl //  Mirror // Flameless Candle Lantern  // Candle Stick


First up, clear + declutter your drawer and counter space items and decor!   I know, the inside of our drawers doesn’t’ change our decor, but, let me tell you, clearing out the junk will make you feel real good.  And all of the clutter, random mail, extra kitchen items that you don’t use, clear them out.  I’m not saying you should toss them (or maybe you should), but find a new, hidden place for them.  Clear that space.  This alone will freshen up your space, especially your kitchen! LESS IS SO MUCH MORE.


For a quick refresh, change out your coffee table decor.  As a living room focal point, this is a good place to make some changes.  Add some fresh (or nice faux) flowers and set a spring scented candle or decorative item on a set of books.  Also, I always take it a step further in my living room and change out a few of our decorative couch pillows.  Tip: Rather than buying new decorative pillows, you can buy new covers and just cover the pillows you already have displayed on your couch.

Similar Console Table // Basket // Flower // Farmhouse Plants // Devotions Book //Educated Book //  Diffuser //  Plants

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Everything looks better in a tray.  When sprucing up and clearing out my kitchen, I will often get a new tray and then add a few of the kitchen items that we use daily.  Tip: If it doesn’t fit in the tray then put it away.  Of course, this depends on how much counter space you have, but, for me, as you see above, that rule of thumb works great for the area of the kitchen where the tray is placed.


Natural light is the best light.  Find opportunities to let the light shine in.  Don’t block windows, open your blinds during the day, and don’t use blackout curtains in the main living areas of your home.  Sunshine brightens up your home in the best way!  Also, if you can, have your windows professionally washed.  It may seem like worthless task, but, wow, it makes a HUGE difference!  We renovated our home last year and our contractor told us we needed to have our windows washed (which I almost declined).  Let me tell you, it was one of my favorite things we did.  It made such a difference on the inside of our home and the light that comes in. 


Add texture!  This can easily be done with wicker baskets, plants, or even with your decorative pillows or rugs. Adding texture and diverstiy to a space prevents it from looking lifeless.  It truly can make your home feel inviting and, more so, lived in.


When it doubt, un-decorate. Every single time I minimize my home decor, even by 10%, it truly opens + freshens up our space.



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    Hi Jen! I was wondering if you could tell me about the flooring you have in your living area and kitchen! Thanks so much! ❤️

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    Can you send me the link that you previously. had? For the life of me I cannot find it and I had the size and frame chosen in my cart. Hmmmm

    Thank. you,

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