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Today I’m sharing all things Seaside.  Well, as many things that I can think of to share about vacationing there.  It has become an annual vacation spot for my family and, each year while we are there, I get asked about where to stay and what to do so I’m finally putting that information together.  Hopefully this will be a good resource for you when visiting 30A.




We always stay in Seaside, but we tried to stay in WaterColor this last time, but everything was booked.  There is a very nice waterpark/resort facility in WaterColor, but you can only access it if you stay in Water Color.  That area is very nice, but again, it often books quickly.  It’s incredibly close to Seaside (you can even walk to some areas) so this location is great!

Anywho, back to Seaside.  We typically book through Cottage Rental Agency, but I’ve heard that 360 Blue is a good option as well.  We always stay walking distance to the Seaside pavilion because, if you’re walking distance to the pavilion, then you’re walking distance to food, coffee, shopping, and the beach.  We have stayed at This Side of Paradise a few times.  This is a really good location!

If you don’t see anything you like in Seaside, I would check Rosemary Beach.  It’s down 30A from Seaside and very cute!  We go there anytime we visit 30A to eat, shop, etc.


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Pickles // My kids love this place.  You walk up to a window and order so it’s very convenient.  They have a kid-friendly menu and really good milkshakes!

Modica Market // I walk here for coffee. They also have really good pastries and breakfast options as well as grocery options.

Shrimp Shack // I can’t go to Seaside without eating a lobster roll + peel and eat shrimp from here.  It’s SO GOOD!

Great Southern Cafe // The best thing about this place is that they take reservations (and most places don’t) so we eat here at least once, usually breakfast, for that reason.  I also love the location.

Airstream Row // There is a grouping of  Airstream food trucks at the center of Seaside directly on Scenic Highway 30A.  You can’t miss them and you don’t want to!  They have some really great food and drink options.  Anything from gourmet grilled cheeses, crepes, and giant cups of shaved ice.  Oh, and the Froze is a must!


Wine Bar // They have amazing charcuterie boards and pizza! Bonus, they take reservations!


Cowgirl Kitchen // They have great breakfast and lunch. It’s really small and they don’t take reservations, but it’s good!

La Crema // I love this restaurant! The food is great and their deserts are amazing!  They don’t take reservations, but it’s so worth putting your name on a list and waiting!

Pescado // They have a really pretty rooftop!  This restaurant is waitlist only.

The Hub // This is such a great family-friendly place!  They have shopping and food options and ice cream and more!  We usually go here after dinner for shopping and to let the kids play and grab ice cream.  They have music and it’s really fun!

La Cocina // This is a Mexican food place that we’ve eaten at a few times.  We like it!


Donut Hole // This breakfast place is SO GOOD!!

Borago // We just went there for the first time and it was delicious Italian food!  We really enjoyed it and they do take reservations.

Local Catch // Really good seafood!

QUICK TIP:  We typically spend the day in Seaside and then we venture to Rosemary or another area on 30A for dinner.  Try to plan ahead!  Most places don’t take reservations which means you have to get there, put your name on a list, and wait.  Try to get there before you’re already hungry because, chances are, you’ll have to a wait a little bit.  The good thing, especially at Rosemary beach, there are many things to do while you wait; places to grab a drink, candy stores to take the kids, shopping, etc.

p.s. There are many more restaurants than the ones I listed above, but these are ones that we’ve actually been to.  At least the ones that I can think of at the moment.  All of the restaurants above are either walking distance or a quick drive from Seaside. 

Dress // Bracelet // Heart Necklace// Necklace // Sandals


You can rent beach chairs and cabanas in Seaside from Cabana Man.

If we are going to be in Florida for several days, we usually take the kids to Shipwrecked Island Waterpark at least one day.  This gives them a change of scenery and something else fun to do.  It’s a big waterpark and my kids really enjoy it (they’re ages 5 and 7).

As mentioned above, if you stay in WaterColor, they have their own waterpark that you can use.


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We typically Google Seaside golf cart rentals to find a place to rent a golf cart.  They will drop it off at your rental house for you and pick it up when you leave.  However, there have been times when every single golf cart rental is completely booked and it didn’t prohibit us from having fun or getting around.  Again, we stay walking distance to food and the beach. However, if we can find an affordable golf cart option, we rent one.

There aren’t any mainstream food chains on 30A.  Everything is mom and pop-type places, which is one of the amazing things about 30A.  However, it’s something to note if you have picky eaters in your family (you can’t drive down the road and find a Chick-fil-a).

Whether we fly or drive, we stop by the Florida Walmart before getting into 30A because anything you need will be MUCH cheaper there than buying it from a shop in Seaside; whether it be grocery items, sand castle equipment for the kids, beach towels, etc.

I hope this was helpful!  I’ll be sure to add to this as I think of or discover more information about vacationing at Seaside.

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  1. Dana M wrote:

    Thanks for all the info on Seaside! Just curious, where do you fly into when you go there? Do you rent a car while you are there?

    Posted 8.2.20 Reply
    • Laura Carpenter wrote:

      I want to know too!!

      Posted 4.24.21 Reply
  2. Tyler wrote:

    Next time you go, check out the Red Bar! It’s down 30A & recently opened back up in mid July due to burning down last year I believe! The food is amazing!

    Posted 8.3.20 Reply

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