January Looks: Week 1

 I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Our kids go back to school tomorrow and I’m having mixed emotions about it.  I love the structure and routine that school brings us, but I love when they’re home and we get to stay up late and sleep in.  It’s been such a fun two week break!

Today I’m kicking off a new blog series.  Well, I think I am.  I would really like to get your feedback on this before deciding if it is, indeed, something I want to do each week. I thought it would be a fun, and hopefully beneficial, idea to do a weekly recap of the things I share in my Instagram feed and some of the top items and deals I found over the week.  If this is something that you think would be helpful, I plan to do this every single Sunday for the entire year.

With that, if you think it would be too much overlap and/or clog up your email inbox, I’d rather not do it.  So, this is where you come in.  If you are someone who reads my blog posts pretty regularly, PLEASE let me know if this is something you’d like to continue seeing throughout the year (or not).

Here is what it would look like.  This is January Looks: Week 1 

Leggings // Shoes // Sweater


Sweater // Jeans// Boots

Denim Jacket // Tunic  // Moto Leggings // Shoes (size up half a size)

Flannel // Vest // Jeans (super high waist option HERE) // Booties

Jen:  Leggings  //  Wedge Sneakers (go up half a size!) //  Sweater

Kyle:  Jeans //  Boots (old)  //  Sweater

Remi: Similar Leggings  //  Sweater  //  Boots  //  Jacket (sold out, similar HERE)

Camden: Jeans //  Boots  //  Similar Sweater

Leggings // Sneakers // Parka (size 2)

Button Down // BEST SELLING  Loggers // Sneakers // Sunglasses



Loggers from American Eagle, found HERE.

Tunics from Amazon (THIS one and THIS one).

Assests by Spanx Camo Leggings from Target, found HERE.

Makeup / Jewelry Display Case from Amazon, found HERE.

Hoodie Tunic from JCPenney, found HERE.

Daily Devotional from Amazon, found HERE.


This Coming Week On The Blog:

60+ Ways To Wear Leggings

Top Purchases from 2018

My Goals for 2018


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I'm a mom of two who lives on coffee (and wine) and a lot of humor! If you enjoy affordable + achievable style, then you're in the right place. I'm so glad you're here!


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  1. Jessica wrote:

    Yes, yes, and yes!:)

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
    • Roxanne wrote:


      Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  2. Alyssa Dinkins wrote:

    Yes yes yes!!! Love this –

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  3. Makenzie Diehl wrote:

    Yes! Love this idea!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  4. Roz wrote:

    Love this!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  5. Geena wrote:

    Yes girl!!! I absolutely love this idea, it’s much easier to come onto the blog and find something from the week to order when using a desktop (which is where I do most of my shopping because I do it all at work!). This is a great idea!! Can you also do a mini post for outfits with Hunter Boots? I got them for Christmas and need some outfit inspo!!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  6. Stacey wrote:

    Yes! I think this is a great idea. It’s a nice reminder just Incase I forgot to order something!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  7. Kari wrote:

    I think this a great idea and a good way to not miss anything:) Also, helps when there is sizing info included because I don’t always remember from stories.

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  8. Tenile Luttenegger wrote:

    I think this is a great idea!!!!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  9. Asma Horstmann wrote:

    Great idea! Not on any social media apps so this is a great way for me to get more information on all your recommended products. I noticed there is not much information on sizing on your liketoknow it app so I guess this might be the best option for me. Thank you again for all your hard work and awesome recommendations. I sincerely appreciate it.

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  10. Bonnie McMinn wrote:

    Yes! Enjoy this very much!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  11. Amanda wrote:

    Yes!! Best idea ever!!!!!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  12. Jess wrote:

    This would be fabulous!!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  13. Candace wrote:

    Yup! Perfect for those of us who might miss an IG post, story, etc. More work for you, however. You’ll have to decide if it’s something you want to balance 😐

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  14. Genevieve wrote:

    Yes, yes, and more yes!!!!!! My New Years resolution is to scale back on social media, so I love that I can get all your favs in a weekly post and not worry that I am missing something on Insta!!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  15. wendy lane wrote:

    YES! I agree with everyone else. I would love to have it all in one place. I, too, don’t get on social media everyday so I miss stuff. You are my favorite and I buy many of the things you wear. I’m sure this will be time consuming for you but I know we would all appreciate it. Thanks!!!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  16. Megan wrote:

    Yes I love this idea! Keeps it in a nice and tidy way to find your outfits easily!! Love it!!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  17. Alisha wrote:

    Yes, easy way for us to copy the amazing looks!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  18. Lisa wrote:

    Yes, I love this idea. If you could also please share some of the finds that you share on stories (I think this is what you meant but just wanted to make sure) because I don’t log in regularly and I end up missing some of your stories or what I want to refer back and they are gone. I always go back to your blog and check the stores for the items you list, I want to make sure to order with your link. Thank you for all that you put into this, I am ever so grateful!!!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  19. Sherisse wrote:

    Yes for me, too!! Thanks!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  20. Kelly wrote:

    Yes! I recently started following you and a weekly recap would be amazing!

    Posted 1.6.19 Reply
  21. Cassi wrote:

    Yes, this is such a great idea! Love how organized you are!!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  22. Roxanne wrote:


    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  23. Joniann wrote:


    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  24. Talor wrote:

    I say yes! Less social media is a resolution of mine so I’m going to be missing a lot on instastories. A weekly roundup would still make sure I see deals and get my outfit inspiration!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  25. Christine wrote:

    Yes, I would love this new series! 🙌♥️ You’re the best!!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  26. Laurie wrote:

    Yes, would love this!!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  27. Marci wrote:

    Yes please!!!!!!!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  28. Leah wrote:

    My vote is yes! The more content from you, the better! 🙂

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  29. Stephanie wrote:

    Love this idea so Yes please do it!!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  30. Nicole wrote:

    Yes! Love this!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  31. One of my goal this year is to prep for the week ahead across the board (clothes, meals, etc) like I used to. Frees up so much time! So I would love this new series! I have told so many people about your blog and insta because you’re fun fashionable and affordable and who doesn’t need that in their life?!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  32. Courtney wrote:

    I LOVE this idea! 🙂

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  33. Kimberly wrote:

    I would love this kind of post each week!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  34. Kathryn Molpus wrote:

    Great idea!! Love it!!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  35. Liza wrote:

    Yes!!! Love this idea!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  36. Megan Potter wrote:

    I really like this idea! Another add on to the weekly recap (if possible) would be to add the items you share and link on your stories. I try to screenshot the items I might want to purchase, but if I decide to get them after they’re gone from your stories I want to make sure you still get credit.

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  37. Melanie wrote:

    Absolutely love this idea! I love being able to shop from my laptop so this makes it so much easier!!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  38. Rose hawkins wrote:

    Absolutely! Yes!

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  39. Dawne wrote:

    I am new to your blog/website. I love this idea in case I miss something on IG or just as a reminder

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
  40. Heidi M wrote:

    Hi Jen — I vote YES for this series! As someone who subscribes and follows you on IG, I don’t always get to read and see everything I want to in real time due to work/life/family, etc. This is a post I will look forward to every Monday!

    Happy New Year! xo Heidi

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
  41. Liz wrote:

    Yes great round up! Love your stories but this is a great way to check in on anything missed throughout the week

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
  42. Carly wrote:

    Yass!! Love this idea! A great way to shake things up a little bit.

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
  43. Emma wrote:

    Yes! I would love a weekly recap! I always check out your stories but sometimes don’t always see everything that you post so a recap would be a perfect way to catch up 🙂 You da bomb dot com! Have a great day!

    Posted 1.9.19 Reply

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