SEVENTY Ways To Style Leggings!

Leggings Outfit

Wowza, this post took some time!  I’ve finally updated my leggings post!  Rather than 40 ways, it’s now 70 ways to style leggings!   Yep, that’s right, SEVENTY ways!  So, technically, this post could have you wearing leggings for two whole months…and longer!  Ha!

In the majority of these images I am wearing the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, but in some I’m wearing others.   You can easily replicate these looks with whichever leggings you prefer to wear.   I tried to link everything I’m wearing in each of these outfit, but, please note, some of the items may be sold out.

TIP: This may be a good post to bookmark or add to your Pinterest because I’ll continue to add to this post in the future.

Alrighty, let’s dive in…

Leggings Outfit

Leggings //  Sneakers  //  Top (size small) //  Flannel  //  Moto Jacket

Leggings Outfit

Leggings  // Booties  //  Tee (size small) //  Chambray Top

Leggings Outfit

Leggings  //  Booties  //  Tee (size small)  //  Blazer (I love this! Fits true to size.)

Leggings Outfit

Leggings  //  Booties  //  Plaid Top (I don’t see this color online, similar HERE)

Leggings Outfit

Tunic  //  Denim Jacket (Similar HERE)  //  Leggings   //  Wedge sneakers (go up half a size)

Leggings Outfit

Jen:  Leggings // Top  //  Denim Jacket  //  Shoes  |  Remi:  Jacket //  Shoes  //  Tunic

Leggings Outfit

Leggings (similar HERE) //  Top (size up one)  //  Sneakers //  Jacket

Leggings outfit

Leggings  //  Flats  //  Sweater

Leggings Outfit

Leggings  //  Gladiator Booties  //  Tee (size small)  //  Chambray Top

Sweater (sold out, similar HERE)  // Leggings  // Boots

Sweater //  Leggings  // Shoes

Tunic // Vest // Leggings  // Sneakers

Tee // Vest // Leggings  // Boots // Socks 

Sweatshirt //  Leggings  // Slippers

Vest // Tee // Leggings  // Boots 

Vest // Tee (size up one) // Moto Leggings  // Sneakers 

Coat // Tunic // Leggings  // Sneakers

Sweater  // Chambray Top  // Leggings  // Boots

Tunic  //  Vest  // Leggings  // Sneakers

Cap  //Sunglasses  // Tunic  // Vest //Leggings  // Sneakers

Sweater  // Scarf // Leggings  // Boots //  Hat

Leggings Outfit

Similar Camo Sweater // Sneakers (similar HERE) //  Mustard Top  //Leggings

Leggings Outfit

Leggings  //   My Hunter Boots / Remi’s Hunter Boots  //  My Sweater / Remi’s Sweater

Leggings Outfit

Leggings Outfit

Black Top  //  Similar Vest //  Leggings //  $20 Rose Gold Sneakers

Leggings Outfit

Sweater //  Leggings //  Wedge Sneakers (size UP half a size)

Leggings Outfit

Amazon Tunic //  Boots (size down!)  //  Scarf  //  Leggings  //  Sunglasses 

Leggings Outfit

Sweater (wearing xs)  //  Leggings  //  Boots  // Remi’s Dress //  Remi’s Boots 

Leggings outfit

My Leggings / Remi’s Leggings  //  My Boots / Remi’s Boots  //  My Jackets / Remi’s Jacket

Leggings Outfit

Leggings //  My Boots / Remi’s Boot //  My Sweater  / Remi’s Sweater 

leggings outfit

This $27 tunic comes in a ton of colors and it PERFECT for layering with sweaters when you need a little more length!  It runs a little big so if you’re between sizes, go down.  It’s available HERE.

Other items shown:  Leggings //  Boots (on SALE) //  Sweater

legging outfits

Same tunic as above  //  Similar Boots  //  Vest  //  Bag // Leggings 

Same tunic as above  //  Leggings  //  Pumps  //  Trench Coat

legging outfit

Leggings  //  Booties  //  White Tee (size small)  //  Mustard Sweater (xs)

legging outfit

Leggings //  White Tee (size small)  //  Ugg Boots  //  Similar Cardigan  //  Bag

legging outfit

White Tee //  Leggings (sold out)  //  Similar Plaid Top  //  Adidas

legging outfit

Moto Jacket  //  Leggings  //  Tank  //  Wedge Sneakers (go up half a size)

legging outfit

Moto Jacket  //  Leggings  //  Tee  //  Adidas

legging outfit

Tank  //  Cardigan (50% OFF today only)  //  Leggings  //  Flats

legging outfit

Striped Tee (size up one)  //  Leggings  //   Jacket

legging outfit

Same top as above  //  Similar Jacket  //  Leggings  //   Wedges Sneakers  (go up half a size)

leggings outfit

Same top as above  //  Vest   //  Leggings  // Wedge Sneakers

legging outfit

  Tunic Top  (if between sizes, go down)  //  Booties  // Bag //  Leggings

legging outfit

Jacket (xs, other colors available)  //  Leggings  //  Booties  //  White Tee (size small)

leggings outfit

Sweater (size xs) //  Leggings // Boots (Similar option HERE)

Leggings  //  Tank  //  Green Top  //  Adidas

legging outfit

Nikes  //  Sweater  //  White Tee  // Bralette  //   Leggings

legging outfit

Cardigan (xs)   //  White Tank  //  Leggings  //   Booties

legging outfit

Tunic (size small)  //  Wedge Sneakers (go up half a size)  //  Leggings  //   Green Jacket

Leggings  //   Tunic  //  Scarf  //  Adidas

legging outfit

Striped Tee //  Sweater  //  Ugg Boots  //   Bag  //  Leggings

legging outfit

Hunter Boots //  Leggings  //  Vest  //   Similar Tee

legging outfit

Sweater   //   White Tee  //  Adidas

Cardigan  //  Tank  //  Flats  //  Bag  //  Earrings  //  Leggings

legging outfit

Sweater  //  Leggings  //   Wedge Sneakers (go up half a size)

legging outfit

Striped Tee  //   Similar Sweater   //   Leggings   //  Ugg Boots

legging outfit

Leggings  //   Flats  //   Mustard Top (size small)  //  Chambray Top

legging outfit

Sweater (sold out)  //  Boots (SO COMFY)

leggings outfit

Cardigan (I LOVE this)  //   Slippers   //   Leggings  //   Tank

legging outfit

Sweater  (wearing xs)  //  Boots  //  Similar Boots  //  Leggings

Sweater (xs) //   Leggings  //  Adidas

legging outfit

Chambray Top (this one is a little too short for leggings)  //  Vest  //  Leggings  //   Flats

legging outfit

Tunic (xs)  //  Leggings  //  Miller Sandals (color: sand)

legging outfit

Same tunic as a above //  Vest  //  Boots  //  Similar Boots

legging outfit

Same tunic as a above  //  Tank  //  Wedge Sneakers (go up half a size)  //  Leggings

legging outfit

Tank //  Cardigan  //  Leggings  //   Flats

legging outfit

Sweater  //  Leggings  //   Wedge Sneakers  (go up half a size)

legging outfit

I LOVE this sweater!!  //  Tall Boots (similar boots) //  Leopard Booties

Sweater //  White Tee  //  Leggings  //   Adidas

legging outfit

Tank  //  Leggings  //  Adidas  //  Similar Jacket  //  Hat

Whew!  Anyone make it all the way down?  I really hope this post was helpful.  Again, I’ll try to update it regularly as I continue to wear/style leggings.  Also, if you’re looking for a pair of faux leather leggings, but don’t want to pay for the Spanx, Express has an option HERE and Target has an option HERE (size down one in these).  Both have great reviews!

xo, Jen

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  1. Crystal wrote:

    Love all of them! Screen shot multiple pics so I can remember how to wear them! Thank you!

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
  2. Teri wrote:

    This is awesome – thank you!!!! On the one where you are wearing the black H&M sweater that says “I love this sweater”, it doesn’t take me to the sweater – just the H&M website. Do you have the link for that?

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
  3. Connie Warren wrote:

    Your ROCK!!!


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  4. Niki wrote:

    How tall are you? Just for reference when looking at where the longer tunics hit you… Thanks!

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
  5. Jaime wrote:

    Love the outfits!!

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
    • Jaime wrote:

      Wish I snagged those gladiators boots before it went out of sale 😭😭

      Posted 1.8.19 Reply
      • Tracey wrote:

        Hey Jaime! I was the same way! I even went on a frantic search at various Payless stores trying to find them. I actually found another pair that’s very similar by Steve Madden for $50 on sale but they are real leather. They are called the Palermo. If you sign up for SM Pass, you can get 20% off as well, so that makes them $40!! Here’s a link:

        Posted 1.13.19 Reply
        • Alaina wrote:

          I did too! I know the Payless stores are getting tired of me 🤣 I ordered the wedge sneakers from Payless but should’ve went up 1/2 a size. I had to return them and of course they are completely sold out! I just ordered those and the Palermo booties!!! 🤗 I need to get offline!!

          Posted 1.14.19 Reply
  6. Laura wrote:

    This is awesome, thank you!!

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  7. Erica wrote:

    Shared with my daughters. Thank you for the amazing post!

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  8. Michelle wrote:

    This was great! Going to steal some ideas!

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  9. Jill wrote:

    This is the best post EVER. All I ever wear lately are leggings and this is so helpful.

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  10. Allison wrote:

    This is going to be a BIG help in…What in the heck do I wear today!!
    Thank you😘

    Posted 1.9.19 Reply
  11. Monique wrote:

    I loved this so much! I’ve never been a “leggings are pants” kind of person, but seeing how you basically use them in place of jeans, I’m all for it! I love how you dress them up and down.

    Posted 1.9.19 Reply
  12. Jeana wrote:

    You are absolutely adorable! I love every single look! Thanks for the inspiration! Xoxo

    Posted 1.9.19 Reply
  13. Marisol wrote:

    Absolutely LOVE your style!! You’re outfits are super cute! Great inspiration ..

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  14. Renee wrote:

    So many good ways to style leggings! Love so many of them!

    Posted 1.18.19 Reply
  15. Judy wrote:

    Everything looks great on you!! I was wondering which LV handbag you have in a couple of the pics. Thanks!

    Posted 1.26.19 Reply
  16. shannon wrote:

    is the LV bag listed in the amazon section replica?

    Posted 1.29.19 Reply
  17. Jennifer wrote:

    The link for the rose gold sneakers is not working. Where can I find them?

    Posted 2.8.19 Reply
  18. Carey wrote:

    Love your outfits!! I always need help dressing so thank you for all of the ideas!! I 💛 yoga pants!!

    Posted 2.11.20 Reply
  19. Bernadette wrote:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

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  20. elisabeth wrote:

    this is so incredibly helpful! love your style. thank you

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  21. Esther wrote:

    I can imagine how much Time it took to compile such a great gallery of outfit inspirations. Well-done.

    Posted 4.23.22 Reply

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