150 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

I am very excited about this Mother’s Day post!  I asked y’all the following question in regards to Mother’s Day gifts ideas and y’all did not disappoint! I compiled a list of the most common and most unique responses.  And, yes, you read that correctly….here is a list of 150 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas! 


The best thing you ever gave your mom for Mother’s Day was ________.

  1. Unlimited car washes for a year.
  2. Tickets to a concert to one of her favorite bands.
  3. Tickets to a play or musical.
  4. Engraved necklace with my moms handwriting or dads handwriting (deceased parent).
  5. Handwritten note on how much I love her. She later had it framed!
  6. Mother/daughter spa day. We had the best time! (This was the #1 answer)
  7. Necklace made with 3 birthstones, hers, her moms and mine.
  8. Hanging flower pot.
  9. Necklace with her grandkids initials on it.
  10. Get away with her daughters. She cried when we told her; she was so excited to have quality time with us!
  11. Spend day doing girl things..pedicure, shopping, etc.
  12. Family photo session with a professional photographer.
  13. A wooden cutting board with a recipe in my grandmothers handwriting.
  14. Flower bouquet monthly subscription.
  15. Hummingbird feeders.
  16. Spring wreath making class.
  17. Mothers love rings from James Avery.
  18. Large canvas of a family photo.
  19. Tory Burch miller sandals! (HERE)  She never stops talking about them!
  20. A new bag and then I filled it full of her favorite things.
  21. Giftcard for botox.
  22. Gift certificates for her to spend a day to herself.
  23. Quality time together.
  24. Wine tasting.
  25. Hand drawn picture of her childhood home (can get on Etsy HERE)
  26. Took her to Sephora to get color matched and then purchased her all new makeup!
  27. Pictures painted by the kids and then framed.
  28. Luggage (HERE) with a surprise trip inside! She cried when she opened it!
  29. Chickens…that she named after all of her kids!
  30. I paid for us to take a cooking class together.  It was so much fun!
  31. Designer purse…that was 3 years ago and she still carries it!
  32. Etsy has a wood cutting board with a family recipe engraved in your moms handwriting. (can get on Etsy HERE)
  33. Playing cards with family photos on them.
  34. Shutterfly photo book of a trip.
  35. Lash boost from Rodan and Fields.
  36. She loves to garden so I bought her a worm farm! (Fun Fact: my mom also has a worm farm for her garden and she LOVES it! HAHA!)
  37. Car Detail.
  38. Converting all old VHS to digital.
  39. Photo Books.
  40. Gold cuff with my grandmothers handwriting on it.
  41. Bracelet with grandkids names on it.
  42. Plant her flowers for her.
  43. Painting with a twist.
  44. Cooking class we could do together.
  45. Made a calendar on Shutterfly with pics on each month with everyones bdays and anniversaries.
  46. Paid for her favorite cardio tennis class she goes to every week.  Surprised by the cashier.
  47. Her favorite book quote written on a wooden picture frame.
  48. House cleaners!
  49. A digital picture frame that has an app that anyone can upload photos too.
  50. A dish towel with a recipe that my grandmother who passed had written.
  51. Grandma pillow with all the grandkids names on it. (HERE)
  52. A fancy brunch.
  53. The gift of time – like painting pottery or making candles at a local shop.
  54. Flight voucher.
  55. Coffee of the month subscription.
  56. Nespresso machine. (HERE)
  57. A necklace with her dad thumbprint on it. He had passed earlier that year.
  58. A hand painted water color picture of her and I from a previous trip.
  59. A kit to make her favorite dish.
  60. A fully stocked bar cart.
  61. Slip silk pillowcase. (HERE)
  62. Limo and spa day.
  63. A personalized family picture blanket. (HERE)
  64. A year subscription to FabFitFun.
  65. Ipad or amazon echo.
  66. DNA/Ancestry Kit.
  67. Antique tea set.
  68. Roomba. (HERE)
  69. Book of the month club.
  70. 365 reasons why I love her. She grabs one whenever she is feeling down.
  71. A porch swing.
  72. Year supply of pedicures!
  73. I had someone sketch a picture of a photo of us in the hospital after I was born.
  74. Personalized mugs.
  75. Farmgirl flowers.
  76. My daughters write down 10 things they love about me each year for Mother’s Day, I have kept them all, and I cherish them so much!
  77. A hammock. (HERE)
  78. Audiobook subscription and iPod/headphones!!
  79. High end set of pots and pans + a wine subscription.
  80. Ipsy subscription.
  81. A carved birdhouse in the shape of the church my husband and I got married.
  82. A basket with a bunch of gift cards in it.
  83. I signed us up to take a garnering class together.  She loved it!
  84. Lululemon leggings.
  85. I sent my mom a letter each week for an entire year.
  86. Home Chef.
  87. Instant pot (HERE) and then an Air Fryer (HERE).
  88. Made her a book with stories from our childhood with pictures.
  89. A personalized necklace with the names of her grandchildren.  She wears it daily!  (Option HERE).
  90. A Meyer Lemmon tree.
  91. I planned a whole day of things she loves to do and then had my siblings make surprise guest appearances throughout the day!
  92. Eyebrow reshaping/microblading.
  93. Mother/daughter facials.
  94. Vera Bradley jewelry case holder. (HERE)
  95. Bible and/or devotional with a handwritten letter to her inside.
  96. I had old school baby photos of me professional framed and I hung them in her bedroom as a surprise.
  97. Anything with grandkids face on it.
  98. Dapper Paw on Etsy makes cartoon dog mugs. My mom loves them! (Their shop can be found HERE)
  99. Magazine subscription to Real Simple.
  100. A typed out a list of all the things I learned from her and had it framed.
  101. We put our baby dresses from the hospital in a shadow box.
  102. A year supply of her favorite hand soap and lotion.
  103. Fairy Garden.
  104. Experiences like art class, hiking, spa days, etc.
  105. WIX picture frame.
  106. At home massage.
  107. David Yurman.
  108. Monthly fruit subscription.
  109. Monogrammed rain jacket.
  110. A weekend sleepover with her!
  111. A box full a gardening goodies and a full day of me helping her plant plants and spend time in her garden.  It’s something she enjoys so she loved it!
  112. DIY sign workshop.
  113. A hot air balloon ride.
  114. Kiehls face mask set.
  115. Vitamix. (HERE)
  116. Outside wine glasses. (HERE)
  117. Summer bag with swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, self tanner, pool hat, beach towel, etc.
  118. Personalized Yeti Cup. (Option HERE)
  119. Olive trees.
  120. A rocking chair.
  121. Candle making workshop.
  122. The giving keys.
  123. Her own cookbook – I took all her old family recipe cards and created it for her.
  124. A box of books!  Devotionals, adult coloring books, game books, Rachel Hollis books, etc.
  125. Upside down umbrella and rain boots.
  126. A professional blowout for her hair.
  127. Tea towels. (HERE)
  128. Apple Watch. (HERE)
  129. Vellabox!! Its a monthly candle subscription.
  130. A journal. My kids write in a journal about me and then we take a picture from that year. Its a keepsake.
  131. Clarisonic. (HERE)
  132. Oven mitts with kids handprints on them.
  133. Ring doorbell.
  134. Paid to have her hair cut and colored.
  135. Motherhood: 55 reflections on what it means to be a mom by Sarah Cray.
  136. The Kendra Scott “mothers and children” charm. (Options HERE.)
  137. Birdfeeder that the grandkids put their handprints on.
  138. I had my kids decorate flower pots with their handprints and such, we dated them, and then filled them with plants for her. She loved it!
  139. I ask my mom to make.a bucket list and now, each year, I gift her something off that list (an experience, etc.).
  140. Magazine subscription.
  141. Personalized silk pajamas. (Options HERE.)
  142. A ring with mine and her birthstone in it. (Options HERE.)
  143. At home massage.
  144. McKenize Childs anything.
  145. Professional window washing.
  146. Kitchen Aid mixer. (HERE)
  147. A subscription to an organic olive oil club.
  148. A magnolia tree and every year we take a picture with her and the grandkids in front of it.
  149. 12 months of mom: made a book and schedule an event for every month with her.
  150. Something from TIFFANY’S and wrote a note in it that says, “Every woman should have something from Tiffany’s.”


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    The number 37 is perfect! A car detailing service is a unique gift idea. I am sure my mom would really love it.

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