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This post has been a BIG request so I am finally sitting down to roundup of some of my favorite cleaning supplies!  Truth is, I would not consider myself a “very tidy” person, but, because of that, I like to have cleaning supplies that WORK.  The faster I can get done, the better.  Here are some of my favorites:


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MOOSOO VACUUM // If you have hard floors, this vacuum is GREAT!  Well, I use it on our entire house, but it’s technically made for hard floors.  I bought this for our cabin because it was very affordable, but after using it once and seeing all the dirt it picked up I instantly ordered one for our house and I haven’t touched my Dyson stick vacuum since.  My Dyson has power in the sense that it wants to take off and go, but the Moosoo vacuum has power in its suction.  I LOVE it and, BIG BONUS, the handle is adjustable so kids can use it.  This feature has been a big hit with y’all (and at our house).  Available HERE.  Cordless option HERE.

BISSELL POWERFRESH STEAM MOP //  I asked for steam mop recommendations on social media and this was the NUMBER ONE recommendation by a landslide.  So, of course, I purchased it.  It’s fantastic and makes my floors squeaky clean!  There are different heat settings which I like for different flooring types.  This thing works SO well.  It tends to sell out really quickly, but they seem to always restock.  Available HERE.

E-CLOTH WINDOW WASHING // You guys. YOU GUYS.  These cloths are SO easy to use and work AMAZING.  Below are the before and after pics of our windows.  Plus, you don’t need any chemicals at all, just water.  LOVE THESE!  So many of you have been using them to clean your walls, front door glass, faucets, and other items as well.  Available HERE. Larger set available HERE.

SCRUB DADDY // My sisters turned me on to these.  Let’s just say, once you use the Scrub Daddy sponges, you’ll toss all of your other kitchen sponges.  Available HERE.

ROCCO & ROXIE ORDOR ELIMINATOR // This is a professional strength stain AND odor eliminator.  A lot of strain removers are not odor eliminators, which is why this one is so great!  If it’s gross, it’s gone.  Not just the stain, but the stink.  This professional strength formula tackles is all. It’s very effective and has amazing reviews!  Available HERE.

CHOMP CHOMP PET HAIR REMOVER //  This isn’t shown on the collage above, but if you have an animal that sheds, you need THIS.

SHOWER SQUEEGEE //  If you have glass shower doors, this is fantastic!  This squeegee shower cleaner comes with a wide rubber blade and a lightweight handle, which allow for  quick-drying action.  Also, the blade features even construction which allow for streak-free and squeak-free water control. Boom!  Available HERE.

MAGIC EASER // These need no introduction.  If you, like me, often have dirty walls that are covered in kid fingerprints and who knows what else, these are GREAT.  These make my walls, cabinets, and kitchen island look sparkly new!  Available HERE.

AFFRESH CLEANERS // If you ever have an odor, grime, residue or build up in your dishwasher or washing machine, these are excellent for cleaning that out!  And, bonus, they’re very inexpensive!  Dishwasher option HERE and washing machine option HERE.

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