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We moved into our new home a couple months ago so I have shared rooms and things as we’ve settled in. We still have some unfinished rooms (guest room, office, playroom) so I’ll do another post sharing more pictures and details once we get done.  (We have furniture that we ordered back in April that still hasn’t arrived due to shipping delays)  I’m hoping to do a big tour during the Christmas holidays, but, in the mean time, here are some details that y’all have requested.  I hope this is helpful!


Walls – SW7015 Repose Gray

Doors & Trim – SW7035 Aesthetic White

Kitchen Cabinets – SW7035 Aesthetic White

Kitchen Island – SW7017 Dorian Gray

Beams – 50% Chestnut Stain


Wall Paint – SW7015 Repose Gray

Doors & Trim Paint – SW7035 Aesthetic White

Kitchen Cabinet Paint – SW7035 Aesthetic White

Kitchen Island Paint – SW7017 Dorian Gray

Countertops – Ash Gray Quartz

Backsplash – 10×13 Viviano Marmo Dolomite Premium Facet Polished Marble Mosaic

Grout – Frost

Kitchen Hardware – Brand: Top Knobs, Style: Riverside


Backsplash – Meringue Matte Ceramic Tile 3×12

Tile – Beechwood White 4×48

Walls & Lower Cabinet Paint – SW7035 Aesthetic White

Lower Cabinet Paint – SW Dress Blues

Countertops – White w/Gray Veined Polished Quartz


4 in White Oak, Number 1 (I need to get the exact stain to share, but it’s some sort of clear coat.)


Local Company: Budget Blinds (you should be able to find them at other places as well)

Vendor: Horizons Window Fashions

Type: Natural Woven Roman Shades

Fabric: Wheat

Master Bathroom:

Vanity Tops: White Sand Polished Quartz 3cm

Floor Tile: Akura Marengo Porcelain Tile 20×40

Tub Niche Tile: San Giorgio Marble Art 1.5’ mosaic 12×12

Wall & Ceiling Paint: SW Repose Gray 7015

Doors & Trim Paint: SW Aesthetic White 7035

Cabinet Paint: SW Dorian Gray 7017

Remi’s Bathroom:

Vanity Top: White Sand Polished Quartz 3cm

Tub Walls: Metro White Polished II Ceramic Tile 4×16

Floor Tile: Statford Por Deco Tile 8×8

Grout: Frost

Wall & Ceiling Paint: SW Repose Gray 7015

Doors & Trim Paint: SW Aesthetic White 7035

Cabinet Paint: SW Dorian Gray 7017

Camden’s Bathroom:

Vanity Top: White with Gray Veined Polished Quartz 3cm

Tub Walls: Bright White Ice 6×18 Subway

Back Showe Wall Tile: Double Hex 12×12

Floor Tile: Linhno Grey 12×24

Grout: Driftwood

Wall & Ceiling Paint: SW Repose Gray 7015

Doors & Trim Paint: SW Aesthetic White 7035

Cabinet Paint: SW Aesthetic White 7035


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  1. Wow, your home is absolutely incredible! I’m in love with the details. It has such a warm, cozy vibe and feel to it. The neutrals, gold, and wood elements are just stunning! Can’t wait to see the other finished rooms that you’ll share!


    Posted 11.8.20 Reply
  2. Ashley Garcia wrote:

    Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
    Do you happen to have the tile names you used for the guest and powder bathroom

    Posted 12.6.20 Reply
  3. Teresa wrote:

    Mattress link from Amazon PLEASE

    I’m in dire need!!


    Posted 4.5.21 Reply
  4. Lori Welsh wrote:

    I love your floors! I would love to have wood floors however with my two fur babies I’m leaning towards the wood look tile. I remember you looking at the wood look tile, do you recall the name of it? I remember loving the samples you had. Thank you!!

    Posted 4.18.21 Reply
  5. Dahwa wrote:

    Did you ever post the stain used for your floors? We’re building our home and would love to know, thank you!

    Posted 5.31.21 Reply
  6. Cynthia wrote:

    Hi Jen! Love your home! Can you link your master bedroom pendant light over your nightstand please?

    Love your personality!


    Posted 8.19.21 Reply
  7. Jessica wrote:

    Your new fireplace with the large rectangular stone!! Love it! What is the stone called? And what color is the mortar? Did you paint over them or did the stone come in that color? TIA

    Posted 11.8.21 Reply
  8. Trish wrote:

    I am obsessed with your backsplash tile in your kitchen, but when I search on the name for the Viviano Marmo you provided I don’t find the shape and size that you show in your pictures. Is there any additional details you can share on where I can get that exact tile? Thank you!

    Posted 4.12.24 Reply

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