I’ve been meaning to do this post for MONTHS, but I kept thinking I should wait until our entire house is completely finished being decorated.  Then I realized, that never really happens.  At least not in my house. Ha!  I’m going to go ahead and share the top questions we’ve received about our home renovation and then, as we get other rooms decorated in the house, I’ll share those.  I hope this is helpful!

FYI: We’ve lived in this house for over ten years.  We started our renovation last October.  It’s a one story home with a split floor-plan.  We knocked out the wall that divided the kitchen and the living room to open up the space and then completely gutted the kitchen.  We also took out the bathtub in our master bathroom and made it one oversized shower.  (Bathrooms and kid rooms will come in a later post). Aside from that, we repainted the entire house, updated the flooring, added the wood ceilings, created a mudroom, added a few barn doors, and changed the tile, counters, and lighting in all bathrooms.


Walls // Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

Cabinets and Trim // Pure White by Sherwin Williams

** Our entire house is painted the same colors!  We did this to help open up the space; we absolultey love it!


Wood Tile // The brand is Daltile and we went with Saddle Brook – Oak Trail

** We have the same tile throughout our entire house.  I am BEYOND pleased with how it turned out.  We had dark hardwood before and we like the lighter wood tile WAY better!  Our hardwood floors were so scratched up so we knew we wanted to go with wood tile during the renovation!  We have zero complaints!


Name // Palisandro Chevron Polished

Stone Type // Marble

** Our backsplash is probably the number one thing I get asked about. It’s GORGEOUS!  We ran into a place to grab a few sinks and on the way out I saw it from a distance and fell in love!  It was the only backsplash we even looked at.  We made the decision instantly!  It’s so pretty and I love the neural tones!


All of our appliances are GE. We wanted the Advantium (rather than a microwave) and GE is the only brand who makes it.  For that reason, we went with them.  We have a double oven, but, technically, it’s  an oven on the bottom and the Advantium oven on top.  It’s been great!


We went with quartz. It’s mostly white with a few, very faint grey veins.  We didn’t want anything too busy.  It turned out great! They didn’t list an exact name on our order (it was just an item #).


We got the pendants over the island and all of our bathroom pendants from Shades of Light.

Island Pendants: HERE

Bathroom Lights: HERE


In the living and in our master bedroom, we have the raw wood accent wall in the ceiling.  It’s raw cedar and then they put a clear sealant over it.  It turned out GREAT!  This was something that I saw on Pinterest and fell in love with it!


We got them from Lowe’s and the brand is Levolor.  I can’t remember the actually shade color that we selected, but I’ll dig though our paperwork and try to find it!


Our fire place had flagstone and then during the renovation we had it white-washed and added a wood cedar beam (they stained the beam).

NOTE:  These are not professional pics; all of them were just taken on my phone. There are several rooms not shown, but, again, I’ll get those put into a separate post soon!

Coffee Table // Rug // Pouf // Plant // Sofa // Bar Stools // Arm Chair // Tray // Cushion cover with fringe // Black Modcloth Pillow // Jacquard -weave cushion

Rug // Runner // Bar stool // Pendant // Arm chair // Sofa // Coffee table //Rug // Tray // Book // Plant // Candle // Picture // Pillow cover // Blanket

Bar stools // Similar light // Rug // Faucet // Runner // Utensil set // Plant // Tray

Couch // Chair // Plant // Stool // Black & White Pillow Cover // Black pillow cover // Blanket// Similar Canvas // Coffee Table  // Basket // Rug  // Down Pillows

Table // Basket // Mirror // Chive Plant //  Book // Candle Sticks // Lamp // Artificial Potted Palm 

Bed // Rug // Pouf // Duvet Cover // Lamp // Inhale/Exhale Pictures //  Nightstand  // Tufted Pillow //  Fringe Pillow  // Euro Pillow // Throw Blanket

Leather Arm Chair // Rug // Stool // Blanket // Pillow Cover // Basket // Mirror // Artificial Plant  // Console Table  // Lamp

hairs // Wingback Chairs // Table (sold out)  // Frames // Lights// Rug // Artificial Plant // Pillow // Bench // Tray (sold out) similar one here

Rug  // Bar Stools // Arm Chair // Sofa  // Plant // Kitchen Rug // Kitchen Runner// Faucet // Tray

Rug // Coffee Table // /Arm Chair/ Sofa // Pouf // Black Pillow //  Jacquard Pillow // Cushion cover with fridge //Bar Stool // Tray // Plant // Stripe cushion cover 

Rug // Bed // Abaca basket // Pictures // Basket // Nightstand // Pillow // Lamp // Duvet cover set // Comforter // Throw // Cushion cover with fringe // Jacquard weave cushion cover // Cotton pillow

Bar stools  // Faucet


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  1. Jaclyn wrote:

    So beautiful!! Excited to check out that backsplash. We built 4 years ago and still don’t have one! We also did the Advantium oven as a way to have a 2nd oven. The microwave part confused all our friends for years. Lol

    Posted 7.7.19 Reply
  2. Elisa wrote:

    What stain did you use on the barn door?

    Posted 7.8.19 Reply
  3. Roberta Connolly wrote:

    How long is your island ?

    Posted 7.8.19 Reply
  4. Kate wrote:

    I’ve DM’d and commented this question on your insta but have never seen a response (totally understand, as I’m sure you get a gazillion messages!). What are the dimensions of your island?

    Also, what cabinet brand? Thank you!!!

    Posted 7.8.19 Reply
  5. Theresa wrote:

    Hiw are the barstools holding up? I’ve been eyeing them since you posted… was just wondering if they snag clothes?

    Posted 7.8.19 Reply
  6. Ashley Turnbull wrote:

    Curtains/drapes? Don’t see those linked! Would love to know more!

    Posted 7.8.19 Reply
  7. Lorena Stubblefield wrote:

    Curtains/drapes? Don’t see those linked!
    Would love to know more!

    Posted 7.9.19 Reply
  8. Maddison Arveson wrote:

    Thank you for the info! I would love to know more about the curtains/drapes. Thank you!

    Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  9. Nichole Lawrence wrote:

    Do you have any before pictures? Would love to see the wall you took out between kitchen/living room. We are looking at doing the same.

    Posted 7.13.19 Reply
  10. LB wrote:

    Do you have your office that is going up on the page?

    Posted 7.16.19 Reply
    • Yes! We had more shelving installed in my office space last week. Once we get them painted, I’ll add a post with that info along with the another room in our home that’s just about done.

      Posted 7.24.19 Reply
  11. Suzann wrote:

    Can you let me know what store your backsplash is from. I can only find similar ones on line.

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  12. Brandi wrote:

    Hi! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to know the color of the cabinet pulls and where they’re from? Thanks!

    Posted 9.17.19 Reply
    • lori Sparks wrote:

      The hardware is from top knobs Devon collection you can also find it on amazon. I have been asking this question for about a year and never received a answer so I found it myself, I hope this information helps.

      Posted 7.30.20 Reply
  13. Nancy wrote:

    Hi, I love the throw over the sofa in front of your kitchen counter. Where did you get it?

    Posted 10.29.19 Reply
  14. Liana wrote:

    Can you tell me what the width/size of the mirror is in your entry way?

    Posted 1.9.20 Reply
  15. Mindy wrote:

    What is the link for the white tray w the gold handles from Walmart

    Posted 2.3.20 Reply
  16. Amy wrote:

    Hello, I’d love to know what color your blinds are from Lowe’s and a link for the sheer curtains near your kitchen table. Thank you!

    Posted 2.5.20 Reply
  17. J wrote:

    Did you ever post links from the bathroom remodel

    Posted 2.21.20 Reply
  18. Courtney wrote:

    Hi! Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve searched high and low on your blog and like to know it but I’ve been striking out. I would love to know the color of the cabinet pulls and where they’re from. They’re the perfect champagne bronze color I’ve been looking for. Thanks so much!

    Posted 3.24.20 Reply
    • Kellie Miceli wrote:

      I would love the link for the kitchen pulls as well! Thank you!

      Posted 4.15.20 Reply
    • Jazmine wrote:

      I would love to know the kitchen pulls as well. They are gorgeous!

      Posted 4.18.20 Reply
    • Shaunna wrote:

      I too would love to know where your cabinet pulls are from! 🙂

      Posted 5.26.20 Reply
    • lori Sparks wrote:

      Top knobs Devon Collection

      Posted 7.30.20 Reply
    • lori Sparks wrote:

      Sw pure white cabinet color.

      Hardware Top knobs Devon Collection look on amazon or their website.

      Posted 7.30.20 Reply
  19. Courtney wrote:

    Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve searched high and low on your blog and like to know it but I’ve been striking out. Could you let me know what the color of the cabinet pulls are and where they’re from? They’re the perfect champagne bronze color I’ve been looking for. Thanks so much!

    Posted 3.24.20 Reply
  20. Lindsey wrote:

    Hiiii!!! Do you remember where you got that dining room rug? When I click the link it shows some crazy web code message and it’s perfect for my own dining room!!

    Posted 3.31.20 Reply
  21. Amy wrote:

    Hi!!! I remember you posting a daybed you purchased from Amazon. Do you have the link to that? Thank you!!!😊

    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  22. Justine Walker wrote:

    Did you ever share the color and where you got your kitchen pulls?

    Love you and your content!

    Thank you!

    Posted 6.16.20 Reply
  23. I was introduced to you from a customer who was shopping for the Radley sofa that you own.
    Thank you for your recommendation and pointing your followers toward shopping at their local store. Also for keeping retail in their community going. cheers! debra crowe

    Posted 10.2.20 Reply
  24. Sarah wrote:

    I’ve been looking at that couch you have for months! What color is yours??

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
    • Mine is the Chrome Beige. It’s a tan shade in person.

      Posted 10.19.20 Reply
  25. Patricia Altieri wrote:

    Hi, do you still have the name of your patio dining set from Walmart? Thanks so much! Tricia

    Posted 11.6.20 Reply
  26. Lisa Cundiff wrote:

    I really love your coffee table in your living room. When I click on the coffee table it goes to Joss and Main, but not to that particular coffee table. Do you have the name brand or style number of the table?

    Posted 12.16.20 Reply
  27. Haley wrote:

    Can you please provide any details of your new gray counter tops and new backsplash in kitchen

    Posted 12.27.20 Reply
  28. Laura Dzielski wrote:

    What is the dimension of your kitchen and your island? Everything is STUNNING.

    Posted 8.4.22 Reply

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